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1602 Now Published on

Annotations to Marvel's 1602 mini-series are being published on 1602 is a major series worthy of annotations and has received attention both in the comics community and in the popular press, given writer Neil Gaiman's prestige as a best-selling novelist as well as a renouned comic book writer. Written by Julian Darius, these annotations benefit from Darius's background as both a comics scholar and a scholar of Renaissance English literature, exactly the blend of apparently disparate elements that give the series its noted energy.

This major annotation project benefits not only from the attention given to the project, but also by the timeliness of the annotations. Darius's annotations to the first issue were first posted online just two days after the issue was published. Despite this speed, quality has not been sacrificed: the annotations to the first issue ran some 25 or so printed pages. The timeliness of these exhaustive annotations to a series garnering press coverage outside of the comics industry should help to cast a light on this major and important project. is a website dedicated to the sophisticated study of comic books and graphic novels. Although it began in 1995, is celebrating its first year anniversary at its own address on the world wide web. Though the heart of is The Continuity Pages, informational, hyperlinked catalogues organized by continuity rather than title, also publishes reviews, columns, articles, graphical bibliographies, and interviews in addition to annotations.