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December 31, 2019

I'm in Australia. It's New Years Eve here already and the world is burning. Or at least, parts of Australia are.
I ought to be in Woodford, at the Festival. I'm not. I'm in Melbourne, convalescing from flu and bronchitis. The last time I got sick like this was three years ago, landing in Queensland, on my way to the Woodford Festival. Which I also missed, because I was ill. I'm starting...     [more]

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Perth Festival | Neil Gaiman
is happening!

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updated February 18, 2020
Event: Wisconsin Book Festival Presents: An Evening with Neil Gaiman (Madison, WI)
updated February 18, 2020
Event: Selected Shorts: Ray Bradbury Centennial Celebration (New York, NY)
updated February 17, 2020
Event: Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer present a Bushfire Recovery Event (Forum Melbourne, Australia)
updated January 20, 2020
Event: Perth Festival | Neil Gaiman (Perth, Australia)
updated January 17, 2020
Event: In Conversation with Neil Gaiman [SOLD OUT] (Melbourne, Australia)