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Audio Clips of Neil in Person

WPR Interview - 22 October 2010

For decades now he's been creating worlds beyond our imagination... from American Gods... to Coraline... Stardust... and The Sandman series. After ten, Veronica Rueckert visits some of the many worlds of science fiction and fantasy author Neil Gaiman.

MP3. WPR, Friday, October 22, 2010 at 10:00 AM

Reading and Q&A from Borders NYC - 6/19/01

To give you a taste of what to expect at a Neil Gaiman event, listen to Neil as he delivers a great reading and Q&A for his first event of his American Gods Tour.

Real Audio: Borders Book Shop - NY; 6/19/01 - 1.3 MB

Neil Gaiman HarperCollins Sales Talk

The relationship between an author and the people selling his book is very important. Recognizing this, Neil wanted to introduce himself to the sales team at HarperCollins so they could understand what a charming and passionate author they got to represent. Here's his message, and a chance for you to get another "behind-the-scenes" glimpse at the publishing world.

MP3: Neil Gaiman HarperCollins Sales Talk - 5 MB

Last Angel Tour Readings for the CBLDF

Here you can listen to Neil read from American Gods on his Last Angel Tour in various cities around the U.S. These clips are courtesy of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a First Amendment Defender. The CBLDF exists to fight censorship and defend the first amendment rights of comic book professionals throughout the United States. The CBLDF's guiding principle is that comics should be accorded the same constitutional rights as literature, film, or any other form of expression. Find out more about the CBLDF and their worthy cause at

MP3: Neil in New York Clip One - 23.4 MB
MP3: Neil in New York Clip Two - 9 MB

More Audio from Neil

Real Audio: Two Plays for Voices

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