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The Graveyard Book Tour

Some of Our Favorite Clips on YouTube

June 2005: BOOK EXPO (Windows Media)

While traveling to Book Expo in New York City in 2005, Neil took some time out to discuss his books at the Intercontinental Hotel.

WMV Stream - Neil on Anansi Boys
Meet Fat Charlie ... plus, a stand-in cirus fruit makes an appearance

WMV Stream - Neil on MirrorMask
Helena runs away and joins real life ... and what you can learn that's not in the movie

WMV Stream - Neil on Smoke And Mirrors
Bleeding on a silver sidewalk ... thoughts on Neil's book of short stories

WMV Stream - Neil on Neverwhere
Searching for life in London Below...

WMV Stream - Neil on Creatures of the Night
Black cats, owls and demons ...

October 2000: The Last Angel Tour (QuickTime Media)

These clips require QuickTime.