Contacting, Contracting, Inviting, Interviewing, or Mailing Neil

Q. How do I contact Neil?
A. Please refer to the Contacting Neil page.

Q. How do I mail Neil something?
A. Please mail it to:

Neil Gaiman
c/o Jim Hensons Studios
The Blank Corporation
1416 N. La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90028

If you are writing from outside of the United States and would like a reply, please include an international reply coupon from the post office.

When sending things by post, please provide an email address with your letter or package so that we can notify you that we have received your item.

Q. How do I send Neil a book to get signed?
A. This service is not currently offered. You may purchase pre-signed items via DreamHaven's online shop at dreamhavenbooks.com.

Q. Who are Neil's agents?
A. Please refer to the Contacting Neil page.

Q. When will Neil be coming to my town/country?
A. Keep an eye on Where's Neil?.