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Re: Your first Neil

Post by fduncan »

My first Neil may have been the ‘original invasion’ as it were; I don’t know that I really experienced ‘that which is Neil’ before that.

Then ... Neverwhere? Sandman? I’m not really sure!!

Technically, being old, I can claim ‘insufficient cool’ and/or ‘memory degradation’..
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Re: Your first Neil

Post by Llama's BIG BROTHER »

Death: The High Cost of Living --> Sandman #75 --> Season of Mists --> EVERYTHING.
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Re: Your first Neil

Post by Mythos »

American Gods. I remember purchasing the hardcover in 2001 back when Chapters existed. I paid for it in change. I heard about it through Space: The Imagination Station's Shelf Space segments. I was never the same again. :)
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Re: Your first Neil

Post by JoseGab »

Marvel 1602!
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Re: Your first Neil

Post by Jeepz »

For me, it was Sandman. I started collecting the issues around issue 10 or so? Then backfilled as I collected forward. Then Smoke & Mirrors sealed the deal. Followed by a Snow Glass Apples chapbook, then Neverwhere, AG .. the AG tour lead to the original incarnation of The Board, several signings and meats, and to life-long friends.
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