Birthday wishes and mysterious dreams...

Tour dates, signing info, stories of that time you met him in a Panera, etc.
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Birthday wishes and mysterious dreams...

Post by Llama's BIG BROTHER »

Happy 60th birthday to Neil Gaiman!

IN THIS THREAD tell us a story of interacting with The Man Himself, or with his work, or...any personal story involving Neil or his work, actually.

I think the first time I saw Neil in person was at a signing at Dreamhaven Books in Minneapolis (when it was still in Dinkytown). While I was still in line, I saw this little booklet, filled with short stories in comic form about Neil. I picked it up and asked what it was, and Neil at his table overheard me. He looked up, and said something to the effect that it was the most evil thing ever of course I had to buy it. :D


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Re: Birthday wishes and mysterious dreams...

Post by smalltown »

Neil hit me in the face with a water bottle once. Snazz and I were at Jason Webley's 11/11/11 show at the Moore in Seattle. Webley is super into audience participation, so he had garbage bags full of shakers (water bottles with a couple pennies in them) that were being tossed out into the crowd by his guests, which included Neil and Amanda. It was a great show!
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Re: Birthday wishes and mysterious dreams...

Post by Royko »

First time I saw Neil in person was at Fiddler's Green.

I remember in the evening trying to get a candid photo of him, but he had this preternatural ability to turn and look over at the camera any time I tried to take a picture.

Happy birthday, Neil!
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Re: Birthday wishes and mysterious dreams...

Post by BeeZee »

A signing at Dreamhaven Uptown was near Neil's birthday. We Boardies got together and brought a flourless chocolate cake (because- gluten free Neil) and a really very nice bottle of single malt scotch.
Not the really EXTREMELY very nice fantastic bottle we wanted to give, because A) we were not in Scotland and B) that would have taken much deeper pockets than any of us had. But we did our best.

It was a lovely signing. Neil read before the signing and the line wasn't horrible. Short, in fact for what it was.
Lorraine saw the Scotch and gave it the not of approval (yay!) and said later the cake and drinkage were delicious and appreciated. So, we were pleased.

We won't see those days again. But ah, the memory of short lines and small, intimate readings-in-a-bookstore.

Happy Birthday again, Neil Gaiman
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Re: Birthday wishes and mysterious dreams...

Post by Ophelia's Vengeance »

I met him at the National Book Festival about fifteen years ago. I conveyed salutations from the Board and his greeting in return is somewhere memorialized in the Old Board in amber.
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Re: Birthday wishes and mysterious dreams...

Post by fduncan »

You always remember your first time ...

Sadly, probably not..? I mean, I likely remember it, but I can’t sequence it. I think I’ve seen him in two places in Cambridge .. First Parish Church, where many readings/signings occur, and Oberon, a club where he had one.

The lines have always been long.

He did sign my copy of ‘When the saucers came’, though it wasn’t strictly sanctioned (I was over my limit), and he signed and appreciated a ‘library rescue’ of Anansi Boys, while telling a story of another author who’d refuse such ‘reuse’ requests.

Mysterious dreams? I’m shit for remembering dreams. First loves, though ... torment.
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Re: Birthday wishes and mysterious dreams...

Post by Motley »

First time?
Picadilly Circus in a theatre, and onto Waterstones for a signing.
I did the cringy fan thing of asking for a photo of him with me and the kids. A helper took the photo and I had the gall to ask him to do it again because Mr Neil didn't smile.
He didn't smile for the second one either.
I felt like a bit of a nitwit.
Middle kid also asked him how much he earns - she was figuring out her future career at the age of 10 and was thinking of being a writer.
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Re: Birthday wishes and mysterious dreams...

Post by Furious »

I... almost ran over him in an elevator. Hopefully he's forgotten that.

Happy Birthday, sir. :D
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