Misadventures in D&D

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Re: Misadventures in D&D

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<checks mike> Ahem...

Okay. Many many moons ago, my friend was in a D&D group and one fateful night, the DM convinced the group to go through a side dungeon by promising them that there was a +5 magical weapon in the area. After defeating one guard in a ramshackle shack by the entrance with ease, they got to business and spent hours in multiple sessions going through this dungeon...

but they couldn't find this purported magical item. Frustrated, they regrouped at the entrance and one of them cast Detect Magic. They got a hit in the guard shack.

They tore through the shack trying to find this thing, but all they found was a butter knife, and the DM started laughing at them. That was it. A freakin' +5 butter knife.

Annoyed, they continued their adventures. As an afterthought, the party's rogue pocketed the butter knife.

Later on, as he was trying to figure out how to sneak past someone, the rogue suddenly realized that for backstabbing purposes, a +5 butter knife would be WAY better than the +1 dagger hanging from his belt.

The DM grew to regret his joke...

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Re: Misadventures in D&D

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Bwuahaha, that's great!
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