The SOC Tent Rival

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Re: The SOC Tent Rival

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Did we all know that some movie theatres are going to be playing Labyrinth for the 35th anniversary? (also, three and a half decades, yegads I’m old)

Anyway, it’s mid September, so check your theatres!

I told Dev about it (one of the theatres is here, one is near his uni) and he’s all, “my classes end early on Wednesday, you can come down and we’ll get something to eat and go to the movie”. And he’s such a darling boy. (he’s my favourite)
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Re: The SOC Tent Rival

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I was aware of the 35th Anniversary theater re-release, but the timing is terrible given COVID etc. so I'll just have to make do with my collectors edition dvd. *le sigh*
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