Good Omens, the TV series

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Good Omens, the TV series

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Hi! I've loved the book, "Good Omens", a collaboration between Niel and Terry Pratchett since it was first published in 1990. Having left my copy behind in America when I moved to England (What WAS I thinking???) and tired of having the paperbacks fall apart on me, I finally sprang for a hardcover copy this year.

I was delighted to see it was turned into a movie. Kudos to Neil Gaiman! He really did the book justice and while I was a bit disappointed to see some of my favorite parts left out, I think he did a great job. And I like the bits that were added, the scene in Aziraphale's book shop and the scenes where they tried and failed to kill Crowley in Hell and Aziraphale in Heaven. I understand that if he'd left everything in it would have made the series much longer...not that that would have been a bad thing!

I think it would have been a tad funnier if the narrator had an English male voice, aka "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", which is how I always heard it in my head when I read the book, but she did a pretty credible job. All in all a very enjoyable experience. The ending was beautiful. I even subscribed to Amazon Prime so I could watch it over and over again, and plan to buy it when my budget will allow.

I think Terry Pratchett would have been very pleased :P

I missed out on having Terry sign my book, but hopefully, Neil will be in my neck of the woods someday and will sign it for me.
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Re: Good Omens, the TV series

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I hadn't read it in a decade or so, so I was pretty fuzzy on what was added or removed. But my favorite parts were any Crowley and Aziraphale scenes. Those two really worked well together.

I could totally see it with a male British narrator. I usually hear Neil's stuff in his voice. I've never heard Terry Pratchett, so I don't know exactly what he sounded like, but I guess I have an imaginary Pratchett voice in my head when I read his stuff. Not sure how my mind handled Good Omens, but I probably alternated between those two voices. But I thought Frances McDormand did well.
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