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Fragile Things

Unabridged CD
ISBN: 0061142379

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Fragile Things

A mysterious circus terrifies an audience for one extraordinaryperformance before disappearing into the night, taking one of thespectators along with it . . . In a novella set two years after theevents of American Gods, Shadow pays a visit to an ancientScottish mansion, and finds himself trapped in a game of murder andmonsters . . . In a Hugo Award-winning short story set in a strangelyaltered Victorian England, the great detective Sherlock Holmes mustsolve a most unsettling royal murder . . . Two teenage boys crash aparty and meet the girls of their dreams—and nightmares . . . In aLocus Award-winning tale, the members of an exclusive epicurean clublament that they've eaten everything that can be eaten, with theexception of a legendary, rare, and exceedingly dangerous Egyptian bird. . . Such marvelous creations and more—including a short story set inthe world of The Matrix, and others set in the worlds of gothicfiction and children's fiction—can be found in this extraordinarycollection, which showcases Gaiman's storytelling brilliance as well ashis terrifyingly entertaining dark sense of humor. By turns delightful,disturbing, and diverting, Fragile Things is a gift of literary enchantment from one of the most unique writers of our time.

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